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Certain malevolent forces can be sensed. Darker ones can be witnessed. Place your audience at the heart of the performance as they summon the spirit of ‘La Main de Gloire’ with this twist on the Annemann classic.
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The Uninvited is a new take on an Annemann classic using bizarre props. The Seven Keys routine has been a staple amongst magicians for years. This new version adds a touch of the macabre and does away with the clichéd, ‘magician as mentalist’ routine in favour of a truly creepy presentation placing the spectator at the heart of the performance.

The following is just the basic routine. The possibilities are endless – in fact this is a whole evening’s entertainment in one hauntique.


The performer sits at the séance table, before them an oak box with an antique velvet bag placed on top. The performer asks if anyone has ever heard the term ‘H@nd of G1ory’ or knows what it is? The performer briefly describes the folklore surrounding this revered artefact and the power vested within it.

Next the performer describes how they came into possession of one of the last remaining examples and how it’s believed a malevolent spirit resides within the artefact. The performer removes the bag to reveal the words ‘Le Main de Glorie’ engraved into an aged brass plaque on the box lid. The performer suggests an experiment and requests a member of the audience to assist in a demonstration to see if the sitter can connect with the spirit of the H@nd of G1ory.

Four keys are removed from the bag and given to the sitter, they are asked to try each key in turn to see if they open the box, they do not. The performer then produces a fifth key, which opens the box. The lid is lifted and attention drawn to the sigils and strange writing on the inside of the lid. The performer states that not much is known about this but it’s believed it’s a spell used to keep whatever resides within the box, in the box.

The performer slowly reveals the H@nd of G1ory. The hand and its shroud are removed and set to one side. The performer then asks the sitter if they have a personal object such as a ring. This is placed inside and box is locked. Next the performer lights a candle and places it on top of the box. The performer then places all five keys inside the velvet bag and gives it a shake. An old piece of parchment with a handwritten verse is displayed and the performer explains how sometimes a reading was used to summon the spirit of the H@nd of G1ory.

Next the performer explains that the sitter will be asked to remove one key from the bag and carefully place it next to the hand. While this is being done the audience must repeat the verse out loud, in order for the spirit to manifest itself.

Let those who rest more deeply sleep;
Let those awake their vigils keep;
Oh, hand of glory, shed thy light;
Direct us to our spoil tonight.

The sitter reaches in and removes a single key; carefully the key is placed next to the Hand while the audience recites the verse. The key is then tried in the lock but fails to open the box. This is repeated twice more – each time, the key is placed next to the Hand but it fails to open the box. The tension builds as the sitter removes another key. With an impending sense of trepidation, the sitter places the key next to the withered hand, suddenly the candle moves violently on the box, the flame flickering almost extinguished. The movement stops just as quickly as it started. The sitter retrieves the key, inserts it into the lock and turns it. A click is heard as the box is opened and whatever has been placed inside is retrieved. The experiment has been a success.

The hand is placed back inside the box, covered with the shroud and with the lid still open, moved to one side as the events of the last few minutes are recounted. Suddenly, someone thinks they see something unnerving, did something just move? Was it a light anomaly or perhaps something more sinister!?

Details, details…

The effect should always be referred to as ‘The Uninvited’.

The Uninvited box is made from solid English oak, with period correct solid brass fittings, and aged to perfection. A powerful custom built DA coil is built into the box lid, which will cause objects to move and be thrown from it. This is under your control at all times.

The hand has been meticulously crafted and gaffed by master artist, Mark Thorold. It contains a powerful N42 magnet in the wrist. When the hand is placed in the box, the mechanism below the base causes the hand to move in a very creepy fashion. The hand is perfectly balanced and call also be used as a rapping hand when placed on top of the box.

The candleholder has been specially made from lightweight materials so, at the right moment, it will move violently on top of the box. It is also gaffed with a powerful magnet.

The box uses only 4 x AAA batteries (not supplied).

What’s included:

The kit includes the following:

  • The Uninvited box in solid oak
  • The gaffed H@nd of G1ory
  • Gaffed candleholder
  • Cloth shroud
  • Parchment with verse
  • 2 x Keyfob remotes with toe switches
  • Instruction booklet with Uninvited routine and performance tips
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Dark Artefacts tag

A range of accessories is currently in production for use with the Uninvited. The first of these is The Hemp. This is a small section of the main rope, alleged to have been taken from the gallows following the hanging of the criminal from whose corpse the hand was taken. It’s cleverly gaffed using a diametrically opposed magnet.

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7 reviews for The Uninvited

  1. John K

    Excellent job on the props and presentation ideas. Great workmanship. This is an outstanding effect and will see lots of use, especially during the upcoming Halloween season. Thanks Nick

  2. william.tuegel

    Many thanks to Nick for these extraordinary props.
    Absolutely built for the professional bizzarist who knows how to skillfully stage these beautiful scary objects.
    WOW!! The props look absolutely fantastic, I am very happy to work with them.
    A big compliment to you for your work, I have never seen anything like it before.

  3. Rick Robison

    Absolutely gorgeous box and props that make for one hell of a presentation. This is a work art that I will cherish forever.

  4. mwrankin9 (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous piece. A lot of detail and craftsmanship has been expertly applied to this product and it’s evident. The effect is so strong, I suggest you perform this as a stand alone effect. Very very powerful!

  5. Mark Doetsch (verified owner)

    The Uninvited is fantastic!
    The solid oak box is beautifully constructed and aged…the craftsmanship is spectacular!
    The hand is very creepy…especially as it moves with a rapping sound.
    The candle looks especially spooky in the dark, when lit, as it suddenly jumps and moves on the box!
    I am working on a spooky routine and am very excited about the possibilities with “The Uninvited”
    Excellent work Nick!

  6. sautieres (verified owner)

    I don’t know Nick personally but I can say one thing about him : he is a true artist. From the design of his website to the layout of his brochures and the beauty of the artifacts he creates, it’s obvious.
    As has been said before, the craft is … [put the right superlative here], and the hand is “beautiful”, scary and fascinating.
    I really like the fact that the hand movement can be very subtle.
    Thank you so much Nick for all these fabulous creations.
    PS: “The Uninvited” traveled a lot before it reached me and it arrived in perfect condition, perfectly packaged.

  7. MattH

    A fantastic piece that lived up to all expectation. Nick and his team turn out such amazing work. Everything a bizarrist could hope for!

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