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A tale of treachery and murder that enlists the help of the spectator to reveal the real Whiteface killer in an unnerving way.

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1950s England, especially the North , was a gloomy place. Smoke poured from factory chimneys rising into leaden skies; grim rows of terraced houses went unrepaired and life was tough. Entertainment was limited to the local pub, cinema or dance hall and not many people had TV sets so when the circus came to town it was usually a big deal.

For some, the arrival of the circus was an event they would never forget, but for very different reasons.


The performer begins by explaining how a spate of murders occurred during the 1950s in the North West of England. The murders were particularly gruesome and several eyewitnesses recall seeing a figure with a distinctive, creepy white face in the vicinity of the murder scene.

Shortly after, a circus performer by the name of Alfie Wilson was convicted of murder and hanged at Strangeways Prison and many thought the reign of the Whiteface killer was over, or so they hoped. Unfortunately they were wrong and when the body of a young woman was found with traces of white greasepaint on her clothing the police realised the wrong man had been hanged.

At this point the performer introduces an old tobacco tin stating that it contains some personal items, which belonged to a circus performer. The performer asks for the help of an audience member and explains how the owner of the tin was one of several clowns that travelled with Gandolf Brothers Circus throughout the North of England during the 1950s.

The performer opens the tin and removes several items, one of which is an old circus handbill and casually shows it to the audience. Then remarks that it’s what was found written on the back of the handbill that is truly chilling. The performer then proceeds to read out the handwritten note on the reverse of the handbill.

The note is a confession from the real Whiteface and ends with a challenge to find the killer. The performer draws the audience’s attention to the other contents of the tin including an old stained glove and a key. The performer requests that the audience member puts on the glove and holds the key to see if they can make a connection with the killer and identify them. The audience member is then able to identify the real Whiteface killer in the most disconcerting of ways.

Details, details…

This is a simple, but highly effective routine using authentic looking props that can be played out in five minutes or, with some suitable storytelling, can be played for much longer if you wish.

The effect plays on a fear of clowns (coulrophobia), which many people find unsettling. It’s a tale of treachery and murder that enlists the help of the spectator to connect with the real Whiteface killer.

The props have been carefully reproduced and aged to resemble actual items that would have been around in the 1950s and 1960s.

What’s included:

The kit includes the following:

  • 5 beautiful stage size prints of the clowns
  • 5 smaller size prints (for walk-around performances)
  • Authentic vintage tobacco tin*
  • Whiteface killer’s glove
  • Aged key and fob
  • Aged circus handbill
  • Aged vintage greasepaint (replica)
  • 5 photograph stands
  • Full instructions
  • Presentation box

*Please note: tobacco tin may differ from that in the photos and are subject to availability.

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5 reviews for Whiteface

  1. Sean Xem


    I never got a chance to tell you how fucking awesome this effect and props are! I love it.

    Can’t wait to see what else you release.

  2. Damian Schillaci (verified owner)

    This is easily one of the absolute best tricks for both parlor or close up magic. The props are beautiful and look as they should – like actual pieces of evidence from the 1930s-50s – The fact that you get two sets of photos is amazing, because you can use this for parlor or close up, and with the proper storytelling/script, this thing is nothing short of phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with the set.

  3. javier.bonilla (verified owner)

    Loving the circus series. Whiteface is phenomenal. It’s my first purchase from dark artefacts and I am extremely happy. Love the craft, attention to detail and really well though story telling. Props are superb. Whiteface is also quite easy to learn so lots of freedom to focus on your narrative and performance. Already ordered my second purchase on the circus series and can’t wait for more !
    Thx Nick for an awesome product and great customer attention.

  4. Kevin Kopfstein (verified owner)

    Whiteface is my first purchase from Dark Artefacts and I’m beyond delighted. The props are superb and so authentic. You could just display them and they would be worth it! I preformed it in my show tonight and the audience loved it. The story is genuinely creepy and the reveal at the end is amazing. My audience member wearing the glove said it gave her goosebumps. I can’t recommend Whiteface highly enough. It’s now a permanent fixture in my show.

  5. Paul Forster

    I love this routine. As with everything Nick puts out, the props are sublime.

    I love handing these to a spectator, and having them wear the glove is a great moment.

    The story can be adapted to suit your locality so this is a universal effect. I’ve performed this in the UK and America and the reactions were priceless.

    Having a close up version is perfect for more intimate parlour settings so that’s a great bonus.

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